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Mental Health Support Sessions

Here to help, support and guide your souls.

*Mental Health Support Sessions are permitted during the COVID restrictions, with a max number of 10 participants. All COVID protocols will be followed such as wearing a mask, keeping 6 ft apart, hand washing as well as a COVID screen and contact tracing will be used.*


Connection to You - Mind, Body, Soul


Attend one, two or all 3 sessions!

The Connection to You Mental Wellness Support Groups are designed with this in mind. These sessions will provide practical & gentle support with a holistic approach by Lorree Appleby, a Certified Spiritual & Life Master Coach & is Mental Health First Aid Certified. Give yourself the gift to focus on your wellness as you unplug from life & connect to yourself on a deeper level in a beautiful nature landscape.

Foundation to Thrive Mental Heath

This unique and intensive 3 session series with each session being 3 hours. It is an engaging experience that will serve as a catalyst for transforming your mental health and wellbeing. As a participant in this highly interactive mental health support group, participants will receive a deep insight into their thought process, reactions, human nature and their individual personality characteristics as a member of the community during this time of change.

LAMB Method -A Simple Way to Reduce Stress

Attend one, two, three or all four sessions!

Join us for this fun and interactive series where Michelle will use the LAMB method, which will focus on techniques that include Laughter, Attitude of gratitude, Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathing to give you the tools you need to gain your inner happiness and rebalance your mind. Finish off your day with a guided forest walk to take the time to connect with nature and allow all the you mind, body and soul to be at peace.