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Overnight Stay Rules


Camping Rules

  • No tolerance for parties and/or excessive noise due to the retreat atmosphere.
  • A maximum of six persons, including children, are permitted on each campsite. An exception is made if a group is composed of a single family of 2 parents/guardians and more than 4 children. We limit numbers to prevent erosion and other environmental impact.
  • The parks are yours to enjoy, so please help us protect them. Stay on marked trails, roads and campsites. Remember, it is against the law to remove or destroy anything while on Souls Path property.
  • It is against the rules to collect firewood from the natural environment. Firewood can be purchased at the lodge.
  • Camping fees include parking for one vehicle.
  • Check-in time is after 2:00 pm and check-out time is before noon (12:00 pm).
  • No person shall:
    • Construct or place structures on the campsite other than tents and camping shelters
    • Plant gardens, flower beds
    • Place appliances on the campsites (excluding barbeques)
    • Attach trailer skirting
  • The campsite must be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition at all times.
  • All garbage must be taken to the designated garbage bin(s).
  • Once the firewood has been obtained, the bucket is to be filled with water and placed near the fire pit for reasons of fire safety.
  • Alcohol consumption is only permitted in your designated campsite.
  • Noise complaints
    • As defined by the Township of Scugog “Creating or permitting any noise likely to disturb the peace and enjoyment of any person” is not permitted at Souls Path.
    • If a camping site receives a noise complaint and staff is on site, the identified camping site will be asked to reduce the noise
    • If the site receives a second complaint, they will once again be asked to reduce the noise level.
    • If there is a third complaint, police may be dispatched and the campers may be asked to leave in the morning, if not sooner.
  • Smoking is allowed only in your designated campsite. Cigarette butts are to go into the fire pit at your campsite.
For cabins, tent rentals and glamping

Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all roofed accommodations.



  • Please inquire if you would like to bring your pet.