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Children's Programs



Things we’ll do throughout the summer:


  • Forest hikes, climbing, jumping, balancing and more​
  • Participate in team building activities and challenges including team sports, trust exercises, relays and more
  • Build forts, learn how to use a compass, geocaching, make bows and arrows, fire-making, and other survival skill based activities
  • Art activities and building projects, bracelet making, using tools, gardening, photography and more
  • Stream exploration, bug catching, frogging, bird watching, footprint identifying, science experiments and more
  • Group games like Duck in a Pond, Mystery Number Tag, Capture the Chicken, Soccer Baseball, Running Pictionary, etc.
  • Water Activities: Stream walks, water balloon fun, sprinklers, hoses, and more!! Don’t forget your towels!
  • Camp cook-out: campers have the opportunity to roast marshmallows


Souls Path Retreats is happy to offer Little Souls Summer Camp, and Life Skills Recreational Drop in Program

An outdoor nature themed camp with year long programming, where we understand the importance of unique and empowering life experiences!

Located on Souls Path 58 acre Retreat Property, in Blackstock, ON.  From open fields, to majestic forests, to covered pavilions, an awesome craft cabin with kitchen… we can’t wait to share this all with you!

Be it summer camp, or day excursions throughout the year… kids get to be kids, experiencing different ways of skill building, communication and cooperation.

Come explore with us!


Field Trips, Excursions and Recreational Drop in Programs:

We are a member based program run year round.  Contact us to see what’s the right fit for your child

  • Things we do: Nature exploration, Movement, Art, Music, Hands on and Practical learning projects, Building/constructing, Growing/homesteading, Cooking and Baking, Repairs/maintenance and more!
  • We believe in natural and intuitive exploration where ALL are welcome, accepted and respected for who they are and what they need to flourish.
  • Perfect for those looking for drop in options, field trips and nature excursions
  • connect with us, or see flyer for more details

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2685 Shirley Rd, Blackstock, ON